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Wrinkle Eraser CRÈME 50ml

This luxurious and powerful wrinkle-fighting moisturizer is clinically proven to generate visibly younger-looking skin in just one week. The cream’s lightweight formula delivers intense 24-hour skin hydration; in fact, it has been shown to have a greater moisturizing capacity than hyaluronic acid. The WrinklEraser CRÈME contains high doses of 3 unique age-resetting active ingredients (13%). As a result, the skin becomes lusciously smoother and softer; it acquires a more youthful and plumped appearance while fine lines and wrinkles are filled in and smoothed out.

Ideal for: 
▪ Lines and wrinkles
▪ Dryness, dehydration
▪ Dullness, loss of radiance
▪ Loss of firmness
▪ All skin types

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Product Description


• Does not clog pores
• Paraben-free
• Sulphate-free
• Phthalate-free
• Silicone-free
• Non-GMO
• Cruelty-free
• Dermatologically tested

Research results:

After 2 hours: Skin moisture is increased by 37%. Remains at the same level after 3 weeks of use.
After 2 hours: Rough skin texture is decreased by 11%. Results maintained after 3 weeks.
After 24 hours: Skin is hydrated 58% more effectively than with topical application of hyaluronic acid.
After 1 week: Expression lines are decreased by 21% and wrinkle length is reduced by 16%
After 2 weeks: Wrinkle depth is decreased by 17% and the face has a smoother appearance.
After 4 weeks: Wrinkles in the eye area are decreased by 47%.

Customer Feedback

I absolutely adore this cream. It really moisturize my skin without being too heavy or greasy and It has a luxurious scent .
My face is acne free and feels silky smooth.
- Nora

Dedicating my face to this cream. Makes my skin perf! I'm hooked!

The secret of why the makeup last all day, the skin stays flawless and my skin smell really good after using this amazing cream <3
You can put a price on seriously perfect skin—and it's worth every penny.

I have to say I have never used a better cream before. It's literally a pot of gold.
Helps with acne, scaring, and leaves your skin feeling amazing. Thank you âme pure, Don't miss out!
Karina Todd

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