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This luxurious lightweight anti-blemish moisturizer leaves the skin feeling silky-smooth and locks in moisture for 24 hours. Proven to deliver dramatic results in 21 clinical tests — and not a single drop of synthetic chemicals in sight. Designed for sensitive skin and for those who suffer from shiny, uneven, dehydrated and dry or blemish-prone skin. The active ingredients contained in its revolutionary formula visibly reduce lines, reinforce the skin’s natural immunity. 
Imperfections are instantly blurred and skin is fully prepped for makeup.

Paraben-free, Hypoallergenic, Non-comedogenic

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Product Description


Documented effects: 

Reinforces the skin’s natural immunity in order to prevent infection, preserving the balance of healthy skin. Protects against risk factors for infection such as acne, ensuring your skin stays well-balanced, more uniform and healthier.

  • An in vivo study showed that in 20 women over 28 days, the presence of sebum decreased by 25% and skin moisture increased by 38%. 80% of blackheads were reduced, spots were reduced by 77%, redness was reduced by 88%, and 76% of pores became smaller in size.
  • In 15 days: The amount of collagen I was increased by 128%, and the amount of collagen IV was increased by 81%.
  • After 7 days: Collagen III production was increased by approximately 300%, and degradation of collagen was also prevented
  • Application for 30 days – twice per day: 29% decrease in wrinkle depth
  • Clinically-proven, strong rejuvenating effect (increase of keratinocyte).
  • Increase in skin hydration: 38% in 2 hours, 108% in 8 hours and 131% after 5 days

The Duo-Multiplex Moisturiser™ strongly boosts the production of collagen by approximately 300% and significantly reduces the appearance of large pores and blackheads. It also offers cellular protection from cold stress, and so is especially well-suited to skin that is exposed to cold temperatures.

The DUO-MULTIPLEX MOISTURIZER™ contains 4 active ingredients (14% of the total product), the efficacy of which has been proven in the results of 21clinical studies. It also has a very strong anti-wrinkle effect and is based on marine biotechnology that visibly reduces wrinkles and strongly hydrates skin after only 2 hours. It is an integral collagen treatment that tackles the problems associated with the different stages of aging.

Apply it in the morning and/or in the evening to clean skin. Gently rub in small quantities of the cream, spreading it evenly over your entire face.
If used in combination with âme pure® CIT Face Roller, apply the cream 10 hours after using the roller on your skin.

*The results are documented in several clinically studies, the results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

Customer Feedback

I absolutely adore this cream. It really moisturises my skin without feeling too heavy or greasy, and it smells wonderful.
My face is acne-free and feels silky smooth.
- Nora

I’m dedicating my face to this cream. Makes my skin looked perfect! I'm hooked!

It’s the reason I don’t have to keep correcting my makeup during the day and it keeps my skin looking flawless. The cream has a wonderful fragrance and my skin smells great after using it, too! <3
You can’t really put a price on perfect skin — but, this is definitely worth every penny.

- Karolina

I can safely I say this is the best cream I’ve ever used. It’s an absolute treasure.
Helps with acne and scarring, and it leaves your skin feeling amazing. Thank you âme pure. Girls, don't miss out!

- Karina Todd

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