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Wrinkle Eraser Gel 30ml

The Wrinkle Eraser Gel™ is a unique gel containing 4 exclusive active ingredients (12%), with clinically proven effects documented in 10 studies. These ingredients include the rejuvenating Betox-93®, the world’s purest Beta Glucan, exclusive to âme pure®. The gel has an ultra-cooling effect that immediately provides your face with a feeling of long-lasting freshness and comfort. When used with the CIT Face Roller™ the gel hydrates your skin, instantly relieving excessive heat and stinging, and reduces redness.*

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Product Description


The cooling effect reduce redness, stimulates your skin’s immune response and reduces the risk of infection.

It improves the uptake of collagen to the dermis, leading to improved generation of new skin and replacement of damaged skin.
The Wrinkle Eraser GEL™ is dermatologically tested and unfragranced. For the maximum cooling effect, keep refrigerated.

The Wrinkle Eraser GEL™ is a technological marvel that works similarly to Botox, relaxing muscle contractions to give your skin a smoother appearance. Its effects are instant and long-term, visibly firming and tightening skin, correcting the appearance of deep facial lines and wrinkles while preventing further damage. The result is a face free from expression lines.

The Wrinkle Eraser™ effectively supports the skin's healing process and assists in collagen production. It helps brighten and even out your complexion and promotes firmer, more youthful-looking skin.

  • The Wrinkle Eraser GEL ™ protects against the effects of external stress, promotes the skin’s natural renewal process and improves skin texture.
  • Strengthens collagen and elastin fibres in the skin.
  • Hydrates to reduce dryness and flaking.
  • Soothes and reduces redness immediately.
  • Cleanses and revitalises.
  • Combats dermatitis and rashes.

Research results:

After 2 hours: Hydration increased by 37%. Still at the same level after 3 weeks of use.

After 2 hours: Skin roughness reduced by 11%. Result maintained after 3 weeks.

After 24h: Hydration 58.5% more effective than when using Hyaluronic Acid.

After 1 week: Expression lines reduced by 21%, and wrinkle length by 16%.

After 2 weeks: Wrinkle depth reduced by 17% and the face is smoother.

After 4 weeks: Wrinkles around the eyes reduced by 47%.

Proven to protect human keratinocytes exposed to cold stress (-20°C, 50 min.); approximately 60% more effective than Hyaluronic Acid.

  • Contains the blue ingredient from the bay in Brittany, with the same monosaccharides as Hyaluronic Acid. It offsets the decline of hyaluronic acid levels, which occurs naturally with age, and holds water in the epidermis, preventing dehydration and wrinkles. The skin is immediately hydrated and looks fuller for longer, and wrinkles are reduced almost instantly.
  • Contains a molecular cosmetic ingredient that gives the same results as Botox, but does so by relaxing the muscles responsible for the formation of expression lines rather than paralyzing them. A natural, safer and smoother alternative to Botox.
  • Stimulates your skin’s immune response to help fight off pathogens (bacteria, etc.) that attack the skin. As a result, collagen works more effectively to create new skin cells, and the effects of other cosmetic ingredients are also significantly enhanced.

*The results are documented in several clinically studies, the results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.

Customer Feedback

I absolutely adore this cream. It really moisturize my skin without being too heavy or greasy and It has a luxurious scent .
My face is acne free and feels silky smooth.
- Nora

Dedicating my face to this cream. Makes my skin perf! I'm hooked!

The secret of why the makeup last all day, the skin stays flawless and my skin smell really good after using this amazing cream <3
You can put a price on seriously perfect skin—and it's worth every penny.

I have to say I have never used a better cream before. It's literally a pot of gold.
Helps with acne, scaring, and leaves your skin feeling amazing. Thank you âme pure, Don't miss out!
Karina Todd

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