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Clinically documented Lash and Brows growth serum that gives longer, thicker lashes and fuller brows in only 3 - 4 weeks! 
This advanced formula won the prestigious “in-Cosmetics 2014 Silver Award”. 

✔ Contains 8 active ingredients that account for 14% of the product. Other serums on the market usually have 2 - 4% active ingredients 
✔ Great results can be obtained within 3 - 4 weeks! 
✔ Has won 2 Awards 
✔ Increases hair growth by 214% in just 3- 4 weeks! 
✔ 100% Natural Ingredients - Cruelty-free
✔ Studies show no allergic reactions
✔ Each bottle is 6ml, double the size of other lash serums on the market

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Product Description


The LASH & BROWS ENHANCER works instantly to stimulate new and rapid eyelash growth. This specially formulated Serum also works to repair thinning and sparse
eyebrows to promote a fuller, more natural looking brow. It works instantly to repair weak and thinning lashes as well as stimulate the rapid growth of healthy new lashes & brows. Amazing results in just 3 to 6 weeks!
The pen-style applicator allows for a precise application on the lash line, directly in the location where it is most needed: at the roots of the hairs.


  • Hair growth increased by 214% in 4 weeks, compared to areas untreated by the Lash & Brows Enhancer™ serum
  • A decrease of skin irritation and allergic reactions was observed, compared to benchmark reference lash growth serums;
  • Contains 8 active documented ingredients that account for 14% of the product:

Activation, maintenance, and protection of hair follicle stem cells

Strong anti-inflammatory properties. Documented to promote human hair follicle growth

Glycine is essential for the hair shaft structure as it enters directly into the composition of keratin-associated protein, and also works as a humectant.

Zinc is added to the composition to reinforce hair shaft structure. Zinc is also essential for cystine incorporation into keratin

Moisturizes, smooths out and thickens hair fibres, gives shine, protects, regenerates and strengthens eyelashes from the roots to the tips.

Give lashes and eyebrow hairs the moisture they need to grow longer, fuller and stronger. Hyaluronic acid increases blood flow towards lashes & brow roots, which helps the hairs get the nutrients required for growth.

Glycoproteins reduce hair loss and therefore help lashes & brows grow fuller and longer.

It penetrates deep into the hair shaft, forming an excellent base for effective repair, restructuring, and protection from within. In addition, it contributes to smoothness and leaves a protective film that guards against daily stresses.


*The results are documented in several clinical studies. Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.


Do not apply to the eye itself or to the lower lid. Only use the sterile applicators supplied by âme pure™ to apply the product. If you miss a dose, just apply it the next evening.

Contact lenses should be removed prior to application and may be reinserted 15 minutes following administration.

Not suitable for pregnant women or during breastfeeding or for people undergoing chemotherapy.

Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if redness or irritation occurs and consult your doctor if persistent

If you are undergoing any ocular treatment, use under supervision of your physician.

Keep out of reach of children and animals.

Customer Feedback

I've tried the lash-serum, and really love it! I experienced that it is really easy to us. It didn't take long before it showed results, and have recommended it all my friends Many come over to ask me if the lashes are real. Some are even touching them to make sure that they are not fake! :-)

- Anja Sandvik


My Lashes grove quickly to a normal length, as if I were using extensions..
I really would recommend this high quality products to anyone that are struggling with the length of their lashes. In 4-8 weeks you will see amazing results. 

- Kristina Torgersen


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