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CIT Face Roller Basic

Experience smooth and even skin that is free of lines, scars, and impurities with Europe’s best-selling at-home dermaroller treatment. The effectiveness of this 100% natural treatment has been clinically proven and consumer-reviewed. Used in conjunction with the âme pure® Collagen Therapy Gel, which contains the revolutionary skin-renewing active ingredient Betox-93®, collagen production in the skin increases by more than 200% after just one single use!
An effective solution for treating:

✔ Fines lines
✔ Acne scarring
✔ Wrinkles
✔ Blemishes and unclear skin
✔ Oily skin
✔ Enlarged pores and comedones (blackheads)
✔ Uneven skin
✔ Hyperpigmentation spots

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Product Description


In order to minimize pores and blackheads, choose the 0.25mm size.
If, in addition to minimizing pores and blackheads, you are looking to treat unclear/oily skin, acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles, or hyperpigmentation spots, choose the 0.50 mm size. If, in addition to minimizing pores and blackhead, a major skin concern is deep and advanced wrinkles or profound scarring, choose the 0.75mm size.

The effect of the dermaroller is comparable to the effect of laser skin treatments. However, the dermaroller treatment can be performed on all skin tones without risk of hyperpigmentation because no heat is used.
The âme pure® CIT Face Roller smooths the surface of the skin with micro-fine needles made of surgical-grade stainless steel. This procedure creates tiny invisible punctures in the top layer of the skin, which triggers the body’s healing process and immediately activates the production of a blast of collagen and elastin. The skin’s natural repair process helps fill in and smooth out wrinkles, fine lines and scars while also shrinking enlarged pores.

In addition to boosting collagen production, studies show that the micro-channels created in the epidermis increase the absorption of active ingredients 1000-fold.
It is for this very reason that we developed the 100% natural Collagen Therapy Gel, which contains the powerful skin-rejuvenating active ingredient Betox-93® (the world’s purest Beta Glucan.) It is clinically proven to increase the uptake of collagen, which means that a new layer of skin is produced much faster and old damaged skin is replaced with new smooth skin. 
Faster, significantly better results are achieved by using the CIT Face Roller together with the Collagen Therapy Gel.

Additional benefits of using the Collagen Therapy Gel after microneedling:

  • Immediately reduces redness, providing quick and efficient healing
  • Boosts the skin’s immune system 
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines
  • Repairs and provides protection against environmental damage
  • Balances and harmonizes the skin’s sebum (oil) production
  • Improves the appearance of visibly enlarged pores
  • Prevents the formation of blackheads and unclear skin


✔ 100% Natural 
✔ Paraben-free
✔ Sulphate-free
✔ Phthalate-free
✔ Silicone-free
✔ Non-GMO 
✔ Cruelty-free
✔ Safe for sensitive skin
✔ Dermatologically tested
✔ Non-irritant

This kit includes:
1 âme pure® CIT Face Roller
1 Collagen Therapy Gel 30 ml
1 âme pure® Sanitizer Spray 12ml
1 detailed user manual

INCI (Ingredients): Aqua, Glycerin, Betox-93® (Beta 1.3 / 1.6 Glucan), Chondrus Crispus (Irish Moss) Powder, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate, Xanthan Gum, Citric Acid.

What is CIT treatment


CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) is a  minimally invasive skin treatment. The âme pure® CIT Roller has laser-like results and can be used for stretch mark removal, acne scars, sun damaged skin, lines and wrinkles. 

The âme pure® CIT Roller can tighten skin, improve skin texture, reduce enlarged pores and improve capillary blood supply.


The âme pure® CIT Roller delivers thousands of microscopic punctures to the outer epidermis of the skin which in turn stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin. As with other re-surfacing techniques, this superficial abrasion without the removal of the healthy epidermis induces rapid healing and with minimal discomfort.

Tiny micro needles deliver a mini-trauma to the outer epidermis and the cells are deceived into repairing themselves and producing new collagen.

Our secret? When âme pure® CIT Roller is combined with our innovative Collagen Therapy Gel, the new skin cell generation is amplified and old scar tissue is more rapidly destroyed.

As a result, the skin becomes thicker and fuller, thus reducing the appearance of scars, lines, wrinkles and stretch marks. 

As well as stimulating collagen production, this technique of micro-needling also enhances trans-dermal absorption, meaning any substance applied to the skin can be absorbed far more easily. It is after all, the skin’s job to protect itself and piercing this shield works well in temporarily breaking down that protective barrier to allow any topical substance applied to reach the areas it is intended for. This accurate and minimally invasive micro-needle penetration increases absorption of the active ingredients in âme pure™ skincare formulations by up to 10,000 times (research 9.)


Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT Roller) research


Precautions for use

CIT Face Roller should be used only by you and must not be shared with others
Diabetes (delayed wound healing)
CIT Face Roller should not be used on acne lesions, Nodulocystic acne/ nodules, lumps, abscesses, boils, cyst, active herpes outbreak or any other form of acute infection or inflammation of the skin.
CIT Face Roller should not be used on keloid and hypertrophic scarring (overgrowth of scar tissue that develops around a wound above the skin).
CIT Face Roller should not be used on raised moles or warts.
CIT Face Roller should not be used on: Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis and Severe solar keratosis
Do not use if you suffer from haemophilia.
Avoidance of Accutane and any other photosensitizing medication for the past 6- 12 months
We recommend waiting 6 weeks after Botox/ filler Injectable before CIT Roller is done to avoid an inflammatory reaction.

âme pure® CIT Roller is of the highest quality and needles are made of surgical stainless steel.
âme pure® CIT Roller is handcrafted and developed exclusively for âme pure®

The right to cancel the order and return the product(s)

CIT Roller, Pen, Stamp may only be exchanged if they are unopened and wrapped in their original protective celophane/plastic.  If the protective celophane/plastic/seal is opend we cannot accept any items for return where the case of hygiene arises.

Customer Feedback

After several years of numerous visits to the different doctors and dermatologist, attempting to get prettier skin while using medications and beauty products, I gave up.
My self-esteem was so low and I never went out without using makeup. I was not confident in my own skin.
I cried when I was looking at myself in the mirror. Then I discovered the âme pure page on Facebook and decided to try the CIT Face Roller Treatment, since so many people left their comments about how it really worked.
Now I have done 6 treatments, and I can already notice that it works, and my skin has become cleaner!
The scars are less noticeable, and the rash begins to disappear!
Therefore, I can say that this product works, and I'm so glad that I decided to try!
- Maria


I am really pleased with this treatment!
I am so happy with this product and the quick results that it delivers. I guarantee that you won’t regret giving it a try.
Only after one treatment, my skin looks super fresh. As far as I’m concerned, the âme pure CIT Face Roller & Collagen Therapy Gel are a must for every skincare routine.

- Andrea


I’ve been using the roller and Collagen Therapy Gel for several months now and I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my skin. I suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome and acne on my face. I haven't had any since using âme pure, and the oiliness of my skin has also dramatically approved. Thank you for providing a trustworthy product that does exactly what it says it does.
- Bobbie


I absolutely adore it! My face has never looked better! I was sceptical about buying from a link on Facebook, but now I'm so glad that I did! It's easy to use and you can see the results after just one use! I highly recommend giving it a try. I have already recommended it to everyone that I know! Now I can’t do without it and it sits proudly on my vanity table!


I love my âme pure CIT Face Roller. It’s now an essential part of my skincare routine. It’s evened out my skin tone and reduced the pores on my nose
- Sofie


Having had problems with acne for years and being on different antibiotics to try and treat the area, the CIT face roller has been the most effective thing I have ever used. I just want to say a massive thank you for this product as it has literally changed my life. Both my scars and my insecurities are slowly fading! Thank you!
- Natalie


I’ve only used the CIT Face Roller Basic treatment a couple of times, but I can already see great changes to my skin; I’m really excited to see the results at the end of the treatment course. It’s become my new favourite skincare product.  
- Sinead


I'm so much happier with my skin after having bought the CIT Face-roller from âme pure. I now barley need any special foundation or powder, since the colour of my face has found a new glow and the skin looks smoother and tighter. I certainly still have freckles, but the worst pigment changes have faded. My pores have also been reduced and I no longer have an oily T-zone!! I can go a whole work day without having to powder my nose or wipe my face with a towel so that I don’t look sweaty. I will continue to use it 2-3 times per week - every second week. (It’s important to have a week’s break in between so that the skin gets built up) Definitely look into this product if you have any skin problems!
- Lene


I have been battling acne since my teen years and I also have enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and some scarring, as well as combination skin. I researched the entire skincare market looking for a product that would help and bring quick results, and I also use to see a beautician, but nothing I tried had any effect until I tried the âme pure CIT Face roller and Collagen Gel. Since then I’ve never looked back. The treatment has reduced my pores, given me much smoother skin, and my blackheads have disappeared.
I can’t even begin to guess how much money I spent on all the other products and medications. A lot of those products by themselves cost more than the entire âme pure treatment. Even though I’ve only just started the CIT Face Roller and âme pure Collagen Therapy Gel treatment, I feel like it’s the right choice for me. I can’t wait to see the end result.
That said, I’ve already noticed some improvement after only the first phase of the treatment; I’d definitely recommend âme pure CIT Face Basic for all kinds of skin problems.



I used to have spots when I was a teenager, some of which later turned into scars. Now they have almost disappeared after regular use of Collagen Therapy Gel and the CIT face roller treatment. It's fantastic! If I could recommend just one skin product to someone, this is absolutely it!! It also works on pimples ;) I tried the treatment on stretch marks as well and that really helped reduce both stretch marks and uneven skin texture after my pregnancy.


II can’t praise this product enough!! "WOW" is the first thing I thought after trying the âme pure CIT face roller and Collagen Therapy gel.  I was really surprised even after the first treatment with the CIT Face Roller and Collagen Therapy Gel! My skin looked smoother and more even, and scars on my face appeared reduced after only a single treatment! This is a product that I can easily recommend to anyone who wants to improve their skin!
- Dyveke


I have been using the CIT Face Roller every other day for week now before having a week’s break, but I can see results already. Before I was struggling with enlarged pores and scars left from acne. In my 50s, I also want to reduce my wrinkles, especially the frown lines. I definitely recommend this product!


The only make-up I’m wearing in this picture is mascara! Thanks to the treatment, my skin has become much smoother and softer, and has found a new glow; the wrinkles on my forehead have also been reduced! I was a little bit sceptical about trying it, but now I have absolutely no regrets! I think I’ve tried almost everything, and I can honestly say, try âme pure girls, invest in yourselves! I have sensitive skin, which made it hard to find a product that matched my skin type - I had a reaction to almost everything. In the end I used A-cream from the pharmacy, but it didn’t give me the effect I wanted. It’s obviously not enough when you are 37 years old and your skin needs more nutrition and some extra care. I'm very happy with âme pure and would recommend it to all women.
-Sena 37 years


When I was 20 years old, I started to get spots and very impure skin. I tried a lot of different products and skin-care routines, and spent a lot of money, but nothing helped! The âme pure CIT Face Roller Basic is the only thing that has helped! I no longer get spots, and my scars are starting to disappear completely. I really recommend this! I have already recommended it to friends and colleagues, many of whom bought it and are also very satisfied :)


For many years, since I was about 13 years old, I struggled a lot with problematic skin. I tried everything (and I mean ABSOLUTELY everything!), but the scars just would not go away, no matter what cream or medicine I used. And so having seen Âme pure on Instagram and Facebook, I decided to give it a try. I have to say that I am so insanely happy and grateful that you have invented such a great product. I saw a real difference just a day after the first treatment and thought how great my skin must look after two months! What’s more, it removes scars and smooths out your skin – and not a spot in sight! I now finally have the skin I’ve always wanted. I can’t wait to catch some rays and finally go completely powder-less.
- Monica


Curiosity finally got the better of me. I ordered some of your products after reading through the feedback from previous customers, but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised with how quickly I noticed changes in my skin. For many years I have had a disfiguring surgical scar on my left cheekbone that has now been reduced significantly, and the skin has become firmer and regained some of its glow! I can’t wait to see further results! :-)
- Randi


The âme pure CIT Face Roller is my new best friend!! I have struggled with self-esteem due to scars from a huge acne breakout that I got after treatment during skin-care training. I have tried laser treatment and a range of creams, but nothing has ever given me such visible and quick results! I strongly recommend this treatment.
- Julie Zahirah

Finally I have found a treatment that helps my skin! After only one week, my skin received a natural glow and became suppler! I have been struggling with large pores and pigmentation spots, but I can already see improvements :). I have tried many kinds of peeling creams and scrubs, but from now on I’ll only be using
-Marianne 43 years

I’m very happy with âme pure so far. My skin has changed considerably! The wrinkles on my forehead have become less visible and my skin looks healthier in general. I tried a lot of different anti-aging creams and treatments in the past, but âme pure was the only one to give results so quickly! Recommended!


I am using the CIT Face Roller Basic for a very short period of time, but already can see changes in my skin. It has become more even and has regained its glow. Also, I’ve been using the DUO Multiplex moisturizer and I am very pleased with it too. The fact that all the feedback is from regular people who have been using treatment and that alone persuaded me to choose and try out the treatment. I think it is great, as the best marketing is satisfied customers. I believe in your products and don’t regeret purchasing âme pure CIT Face Roller. I cannot wait for end results after 2 month course. I am rooting for you, âme pure.


Words can’t express my surprise at how quickly this treatment has started to work. Thank you âme pure®!! <3
- Nicola


An incredible product!  Looking at my “before and after” photos, I am extremely pleased with the result.  I have struggled with acne scars, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone for a long time. I had to use huge amounts of concealer and foundation every day to cover my skin. I have tried many different skin-care products and was considering laser treatment as a last resort; however, being Asian, my skin tone is at greater risk of pigmentation.  I'm so glad that I found your website. I thought to myself – "this is definitely something I ought to try", and I’m so incredibly optimistic and extremely happy with the results 
- Ly Tranish



I saw a huge difference after the first treatment.
I've never believed in "miracle products", but as soon as I tried âme pure’s skincare products, I was completely convinced!
My large pores and acne scars decreased significantly even after the first treatment.
The reason I gave it a chance was because of the explanation of how the CIT Face Roller works - it seemed logical to me.
Customer service was also amazing! I would recommend this to anyone in need of a confidence boost, top marks from me :) Before and after pictures coming soon
-Monica Skogen 


I use the CIT Face Roller Basic to treat my acne and acne scars. 
I have struggled with acne since I was 16 years old and ended up taking Roaccutane tablets for 2 years to treat it. Now I’ve finally managed to get rid of my acne, but unfortunately it’s left me with a lot of scars on my face.
I tried laser treatment to remove my acne scars, but it had no effect whatsoever. Then I read a blog about CIT Face Roller Basic treatment and decided to give it a try.
I’ve only used the products a couple of times, but I can already see great results on my skin. I'm incredibly happy with this treatment and I already feel more confident in my skin. I’d be happy to send before and after pictures once I’ve finished the full course of the treatment.

- Kristine Østgaard

I have to admit I am very satisfied with âme pure. You have great customer service - answers to any questions are given quickly and professionally. I used the 0.75 mm roller and I was surprised that it didn’t hurt as much as I had initially expected. I used to suffer from enlarged pores on my forehead and acne on my cheeks that made me feel insecure whenever I went out without make up. I’ve tried various medications without any noticeable results. In desperation I ordered your product, hoping it would work where so many others have failed, and it actually did. The changes were incredible, especially on my forehead! 90% of my acne disappeared and I haven’t had a single spot since then. I can also finally go out without any makeup and I don’t have to hide under foundation. The first results were already visible after one week of treatment. I recommend this product to all of my friends – it’s amazing..


I have been using the CIT Face Roller for two weeks now. I suffer from frown lines on my forehead, enlarged pores and occasional spots on my chin. I previously tried clinic treatments and several cleansing products. I even tried Botox for my frown lines and wrinkles, but my skin reacted to it terribly. Then I decided to try out the âme pure CIT roller after my friend recommended it and I have to say, it really worked. My pores have become a lot less visible and so have the scars on my chin; overall my skin looks amazing! I wholeheartedly recommend this treatment.

The CIT Face Roller treatment has helped me with scars on my cheeks and problematic skin in general. I couldn’t be happier with this product, and the results were very quick!
- Andrea

For the first time in my life I’ve found a product that does exactly what it promises. Initially I was very sceptical as I had tried plenty of other creams and medications throughout the years to fight spots on my face as well as stretch marks all over my body. Bad acne during my teenage years robbed me of my self-confidence. I have been using âme pure for almost a month now and today, for the first time, I was really happy while putting my makeup on. My skin has a new glow to it and looks really clear. I am very happy with the âme pure Body Roller too - even after the first treatment my stretch marks became less visible. Absolutely worth every penny!
- Helen

I had several 10 year old scars from atopic eczema and the skin was very problematic. This was the fiirst thing that worked for me, as I had tried everything and  I mean everything, starting from antibiotics, creams to diets. That is a fantastic feeling when you don’thave to think about it anymore.


APhoto - after 2 months of use. Two months after I started using the CIT Face Roller Deluxe, my skin had already gained a great glow and I had a lot less acne. 
Also, I suffer from perioral dermatitis on my chin, which became less visible after using the CIT Face Roller for one week.
I’m can’t say how thrilled I am that the CIT Roller was able to resolve my skin problem; I finally feel like I have some control over the condition.
I used to struggle with oily, tough skin, and usually had about 10-20 spots on my face at any one time. Since the treatment I no longer have to worry about oily skin and I only have about 1-3 spots. Photo - after 4 months of use. I’ve now been using the Face Roller Deluxe for 4 months. My acne is completely gone, my skin is spotless and the perioral dermatitis I had before is also completely gone. I applied Collagen Therapy Gel for a week when not using the roller. I'll definitely continue using the roller and keep my skin beautiful.
- Anita M Føreland 

FFor years I have been suffering with hormonal acne. I have tried every cream and treatment out there; even at the salon I was told that there isn’t anything much they can do and I just have to live with it. âme pure was my last chance. I hadn’t been using it the roller for long when I noticed the number of blemishes on my skin had already been reduced considerably. I can’t believe it, but my blemishes are now almost gone. I 100% recommend this product. At one time my acne looked so bad that I almost gave up hope, but after just a couple of treatments I can already see a huge difference and I’ve received loads of compliments on how fresh my skin looks I’m so happy!
- Tara


I'm very pleased with the CIT Face Roller Basic face treatment.
The treatment is working incredibly well for me! I’ll definitely continue with it in the future.
I had very dark pigmentation on my forehead after laser treatment.
Since I’ve applied the CIT Face Roller treatment, it’s almost entirely gone and my wrinkles are gradually disappearing :-)
- Linda Julin


Finally I have tried the CIT Face Roller Basic- after reading reviews on the website of AME Pure, I wasn’t too convinced, until I tried it myself. It is possible and understandable that a lot of people have been skeptical about Amepure products like me. According to my experience, Asian skin is extremely sensitive and thin, therefore it was hard to believe that CIT Face Roller Basic could make the skin extra firm and glow and make pores less visible. After the first day of using the roller the skin was tingling, but after 2nd and 3rd treatments I became obsessed. I am in love with it! Thank you very much!
- Shirley


I have struggled with acne scars for several years and some of them are quite deep. The CIT Face Roller Basic has evened out my scars, they are less deep and generally less visible. 
In addition to reducing my acne scars, the CIT Face Roller keeps my skin smooth and prevents new breakouts.
I actually saw a great improvement in my skin after the just first treatment! :-)
There is no doubt that the CIT Face Roller Basic has helped me a lot.
There is no doubt that CIT Face Roller Basic has helped me a lot.
- Thea


Even though I am approaching my 30’s, my skin looks better than ever. To be honest, I initially had my doubts before starting treatment, but now I can vouch for it! I used to use Roaccutane, antibiotics and fruit acid, and spent a lot of money on these products and treatments, but unfortunately the results didn’t last. I’ve now been using the CIT roller for 4 months and have only had one spot on my cheek during this time. I even feel confident enough to go out without makeup, which is something I wouldn’t have dreamed of before. Thank you!
- Silje


I’ve been using âme pure for just one week and already I’m really pleased with it. I normally have quite a few blemishes, but I can already see a huge difference in my skin, which has become extra soft and silky. I used to use various creams, but nothing seemed to help. This is absolutely something worth investing in!


I have just finished a 2-month course of treatment with the âme pure CIT Face Roller and I’m absolutely over the moon – I used to suffer from seasonal allergies that left scars, but now I am ready for summer.
I can’t believe the effect it’s had on my scars – I used to have to hide them under my makeup, but now they’ve almost completely disappeared, and I no longer waste money on products that don’t work. I noticed changes after just the first couple of treatments, but since then the results are just incredible.
 - Maiken

I'm extremely satisfied with the CIT Face Roller Basic treatment. I’ve been applying it 4 times per week and now I can finally go out in public without make-up.  This is a big win for me because I struggled with blemishes and age spots for many years.
- Mia Lindborg Rudi

I recently used the CIT Face Roller Basic every other day for 1 week to treat my acne, scars and wrinkles; the improvements were visible after using the roller only the first two times!  I really love this treatment!
- Anne lise Aas

Ame pure helped remove my acne scars as well as a surgical scar on my face. I’ve finally achieved a natural glow and firmer skin, and my pores are no longer visible, too! I don’t have to fight with blemishes anymore and I really love this treatment.
- Nora Alexandra

I’m very happy with âme pure so far. My skin has changed considerably! The wrinkles on my forehead have become less visible and my skin looks healthier in general. I tried a lot of different anti-aging creams and treatments in the past, but âme pure was the only one to give results so quickly! Recommended!
- Melanie

I recently tried the CIT Face Roller Basic and I have to say: it’s working! I’ve been fighting blemishes since I was 13 – not anymore!! I tried literally everything there is, but after 3 treatments with âme pure, the change is huge.
A very happy customer!
- Bente

This product was a real surprise. I previously tried everything else there is on the market, but I couldn’t find anything for my problem areas before the âme pure Face Roller. Now finally I can save some money on skincare because I don’t have to look for treatments all the time. Thank you!
- Linn

I actually saw a big difference after the first time I used CIT Face Roller Basic, in a short period of time my skin started to look way better. I would recommend CIT Face Roller Basic to everyone who is struggling with skin problems such as blemishes, scars and oily skin. 
I am looking forward to continue the treatment and get even better results.
- Ben


Nothing has ever worked particularly well on my skin, so I’m forever grateful for the CIT roller! When I went to bed last night I had acne and blemishes on my chin, and now they’re almost gone!  My skin feels tighter, softer and looks much healthier. Without a doubt, this little thing is my new favourite item in my toiletry bag.
- Sandra 


I used the CIT Face Roller on my face and I am extremely satisfied.
Addition to that, I also used CIT Body Roller to remove stretch marks and it didn’t let me down.



My blackheads have disappeared and my skin looks much cleaner and smoother than it did before I started the treatment. My skin looks absolutely great, and it’s all thanks to the CIT Face Roller!
- Kristina Valerievna Torgersen

It was quite a difficult decision for me to share my before/after pictures because I hate my acne scars so much!  <br/ >However, since the CIT Face Roller Deluxe treatment has worked so well on my skin, I wanted to show everyone that it actually works, and I’m completely addicted! ;-) <br/ >Spots are a thing of the past for me thanks to the CIT Face Roller and Collagen Therapy Gel; my skin stays clean and it’s no longer oily.

 - Sunniva Haugland 

I have now used the CIT Face Roller 3 times (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday). Hand on my heart, I can say I don’t remember the last time my skin was so NICE. Adding makeup is a dream, the skin is so smooth and soft that I can hardly believe it. I’ve already gotten a few compliments on it! ;-)
- Isa

I am very happy with the result and visible improvement after using the CIT Face Roller Basic! <br/ >I’ve recommended this treatment to all of my friends and a few of them have already bought it :-) <br/ >I love using it, especially the day before I'm going out somewhere, as it gives my skin that extra glow!


I absolutely adore this cream. It really moisturises my skin without feeling too heavy or greasy, and it smells wonderful.
My face is acne-free and feels silky smooth.
- Nora

I’m dedicating my face to this cream. Makes my skin looked perfect! I'm hooked!


It’s the reason I don’t have to keep correcting my makeup during the day and it keeps my skin looking flawless. The cream has a wonderful fragrance and my skin smells great after using it, too! You can’t really put a price on perfect skin — but, this is definitely worth every penny.
- Karolina


I can safely I say this is the best cream I’ve ever used. It’s an absolute treasure. 
Helps with acne and scarring, and it leaves your skin feeling amazing. Thank you âme pure. Girls, don't miss out!

- Karina Todd

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